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Better Ingredients, Better Cuisines!!

At Kals' Naan Stop, we have a passion for serving you the finest service possible with delicious traditional dishes utilizing the fresh ingredients ever in Vernon.

Our aim is to offer you fresh Indian food, encouraging you to come back in the very near future. Authentic Punjabi dishes and delicious pizzas prepared to their perfection will tempt each mind to make their visits more regular. Tandoori naan wrap and delicious butter chicken served with smiling faces will further complement its grace.

Kal's Naan Stop

The friendly and relaxed setup has the ability to host our valued guests at any given moment. You can enhance a variety of tastes from the Indian sub-continent — our menu comprises the beloved Indian flavors you have come to know and love.

At Kals' Naan Stop you will always experience a friendly service and truly amazing Indian dishes. Indian fusion dishes and butter chicken pizza will entice the guests. Our cuisines have been inspired by family and regional recipes from the Indian sub-continent.

Our Vernon Indian restaurant has been serving its delicacies for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian guests with equal popularity and enthusiasm. We at Kals' Naan Stop strive to offer authentic yet innovative dishes in comfortable surroundings.

You can always count on exquisite meals and friendly service. Each and every guest is acknowledged with appreciation and personal touch. Being one of the delicious Indian restaurants in Vernon, it surely promises the everlasting memories that will speak for itself about the experience at Kals' Naan Stop.

Our Menu

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Kal's Naan Stop
  • Butter Chicken $15
  • Lamb Curry $17
  • Prawn Masala $16
  • Lentil Curry $12
  • Vegetable Curry $12
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